Elemis Superfood Cica Calm Cleansing Foam

cica is known for being able to calm down instantly. You’ll see Cica Creams all around, but they’re so named because they contain Centella asiatica, a plant widely used in traditional medicine and skin care.

It’s a loose, moist foam – only in the sink or shower. I like to use cotton pads to clean the TV’s micelles, but it’s more like cleaning cloths and bathroom supplies.

It’s more of a skin cleanser than a makeup remover, but my complexion doesn’t dry out at all, so in my opinion it’s an excellent, soothing morning cleanser or post-workout calmer.

As usual, there are some traces of mascara under the eyes, but they are light smudges that disappear with just an extra swipe of a towel.

While I love the fun of lather, I also love that I don’t have to rub too hard in the sun. I just gently massage the lather into my face and the makeup just comes off.

This is my current favorite cleanser. I have oily skin and this cleanses and soothes my skin. Does not over dry. Great price. I love it because I have 2 backups so I don’t run out. highly recommended!


  • $12.00/50mL
  • $32.00/180mL


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