Elemis Pro-Collagen Naked Cleansing Balm Review

I think it’s a very smart move, as far as I know some people don’t like fragrances in skincare products at all, anything with fragrance *can* cause stinging around the eye area, so this is great for being more sensitive and reactive Stronger skin is also good as they have the essential oils/fragrance stripped off.

Elemis came out with their brand new Pro Collagen Naked Cleansing Balm and it just came at the right time for me.

I’ve always loved the original balm, which also comes in rose variants, special editions like orange blossom, which I’ve been using and enjoying over the years.

The texture is divine – it melts into your skin like butter, enriches as you use it, and skin feels like a dream come true with every use.

The butter-like formula sinks into the water when you apply, almost gelatinous as you move it around your face, and it literally melts away any makeup it finds.

I massage it with my fingertips, it warms the texture and provides more movement, and it only takes a minute to remove makeup and dirt that is located on top of the skin.

When you wipe it off, your skin feels softer to the touch and it’s nice and clean too. It’s an instant shift.

The new Naked formula, it worked great, removed all my makeup and left my skin soft and calm. It works great on my eyes, absolutely no stinging or sensitivity.

If you’ve struggled with previous versions of your eye makeup remover, this new Naked fragrance-free cleanser should be perfect for you.




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