Elemis Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil Review

Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil is exactly that. A soft, creamy luxury oil-based product that absorbs quickly into your skin.

It is a face lotion texture with more moisture and more creamy feel as it contains an oil. I would describe it as “creamy” as it doesn’t have a greasy or greasy texture, but it just makes the cream richer and emollient.

The fragrance is very fresh, light and a little powdery. I like that facial products have an appealing scent but not strong enough to affect sensitive skin types.

I have always had problems with enlarged pores and tired skin due to ill health, but with the Radiance peel, my skin looks great.

I love the texture, it sinks into the water easily and I find the fragrance really relaxing. In the morning, my skin looks better, more rested and hydrated.

My whole body feels so relaxed when I apply this gorgeous cream to my face and neck! I wear this at night and wow! All the tension is gone!

my skin? It feels great after application and looks great in the morning. Soft, silky and soft to the touch! wonderful!

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  • $27.00/10mL
  • $62.00/30mL


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