Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash Review

Targets fine lines and wrinkles, balances the skin, and repairs skin that may be out of control due to wearing a mask, stress or pollution. I was ecstatic to see such a comprehensive resurfacing series put together.

If you find that your skin looks dull, appears textured when applying foundation, or may be a bit flaky, then the dynamic skin renewing cleanser will be the perfect choice.

This lightweight daily gel cleanser is perfect for gently restoring the skin without causing irritation or requiring any downtime. This non-abrasive cleanser uses a safe and effective three-enzyme technology to remove dead skin cells, remove dead cells and promote the growth of new cells. The skin feels very soft and smooth and looks plump.

With aromas of Amazon cherry, papaya, pineapple freesia and raspberry, it is an exhilarating and beautiful fragrance.

I was shocked by the immediate results of this cleanser! It works so fast, so you instantly have a fresh and smooth complexion! It can help your skin care products absorb faster and work more effectively.

It really gives your skin an amazing natural glow! The effect of this product exceeds your expectations of cleansers and even exfoliants!


  • $49.00/200mL
  • $80.00/400mL


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